Hardware Queue

DSi – The DSi can now be soft modded. And DSi’s are pretty cheap.Looking at the homebrew it doesn’t look like there’s too much there. File browser, Colors! and emulators. I’m not that interested in the emulators as there isn’t much in the 2d library that I work with. But there could be a few classic DS games that would be worth picking up.

Animal Crossing, Legends of Zelda, Advance Wars, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Fire Emblem, Okami, Pheonix Wright, Disgaea, Rythm Heaven

PsVita Originally I was thinking of grabbing the PSP to be on the cheap side, but that was until I hard that the PsVita 2000 series changed from a proprietary power cable to a normal micro-usb cable, so that settles that possibly. I’m not interested in the psVita library very much, mostly the PSP and PSX libraries, but the OLED screen, micro-usb and second analog stick give the psvita a clear advantage over the PSP.

Samsung Galaxy S5 This one is a really low priority entry. The Samsung Galaxy S5 seems like the ideal Lineage OS device. After trying the Nexus 5 (no removable battery, no extendable storage) , and Nexus 5x (too big), and Pixel (multi-slot boot), the Galaxy S5 has a removable battery, SD card slot and it was made in an era where phones could actually be used with one hand.

SBC: http://linuxgizmos.com/rk3399-based-96boards-sbc-starts-at-99/
wxHedEditor Formatting: http://wiki.wxhexeditor.org/index.php?title=Custom_Hex_Formatting

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