More random hardware notes

Dsi – This is amazing, looking into how to add more tiles to HiyaCFW.

Vita – Option between 1000, and 2000. Generally leaning towards 2000 because of micro-usb for charging, smaller size. 1000 has OLED but 2000 still has a pretty good IPS screen. And I might not even get the opportunity to enjoy the 1000 screen if it’s too big to carry around and too annoying to charge.

Wii – Want one of these, have no where to plug it in right now. Seems like cfw is pretty easy to put on it, with an SD card (or usb) could be an option for a general classic game cabinet (nes, snes, n64, psx, gc, wii).

2ds LL – Right now cfw doesn’t offer enough advantages over Dsi to make it worth-while. Still the same pool of emulators and 3ds games are still pretty expensive.

NEC Lavie – full hd 12.5 thin and light laptop. Probably not enough of a step-up over my Asus Zenbook, but the closest candidate for the kind of hardware that would make me want to update.

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