Raspberry Pi Notes

PiBoy Color
3.2″ SPI TFT Screen
Raspberry Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi GPIO Header
16GB MicroSD Card
Micro-USB to USB Adapter
NES USB Controller

PiBoy Advance
3.5″ SPI TFT Screen HDMI
Raspberry Pi 2/3
32GB MicroSD Card
SNES USB Controller

PiStation Portable
3.5″ SPI IPS Screen
Raspberry Pi 3
32GB MicroSD Card
WiiU Classic Controller
WiiU Classic Controller Adapter

PiStation Portable
Raspberry Pi 3B+
64GB MSata
Element14 Desktop Case
800×480 UPerfect HDMI Screen
Logitech F310 Controller

Test Bench
Raspberry Pi Zero W
32GB Micro-SD
800×480 UPerfect IPS HDMI
8BitDo SnesPro Controller
Micro HDMI Adapter

Android Device
Galaxy S9 Black
DEX Dock
Bluetooth Keyboard
Bluetooth Mouse
Bluetooth Controller (xinput)
15″ 1080p

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