Links Awakening DX

Next post, we come to the game that doesn’t need any introduction. Links Awakening DX is a god tier game on the Gameboy Color. What started off as a side project by Kazuaki Morita ended up being probably the best game on the system. As for the game, there’s a lot going for it. It’s a great top down adventure RPG, with a simple but comelling story, eight freaking dungeons that gives the game a decent run time, and a lot of areas to explore across a huge map.

Overall the only disappointing aspect of Links Awakening was that as I far as I know there weren’t that many clones made of the game. An action RGB seems like one of the best effective uses of the Gameboy’s capabilities, and it seems like Links Awakening is one of the few games to be able to take advantage of the Gameboy’s hardware and present a game with a huge scope.

Rom Hacks

If you want to experience the original game and get an improved experience, the best Rom Hack for Links Awakening DX is probably Link’s Awakening Redux. Which is actually four different hacks rolled into one. It removes some of the censorship, makes the text look a lot better, translates the photos and removes a lot of text.

For Rom Hacks that change how the game is played it looks like there’s New Awakening and Hard Awakening.


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