Linux Utilities : Deskreen

Occasionally pretty great Linux utilities will get posted to r/Linux. And I think “that looks cool”, and I make a mental note of it. Then a few weeks later when I actually go to to try and use it, I can’t find the post, or remember enough keywords to search for it. Yes, I know there is a save post feature on reddit, but more often than not i forget about it, and don’t really use it.

So I figured that I should make a category on my blog for interesting Linux Utilities. That way I can go back and find them later, and maybe bring attention to some attention to some cool looking projects (as-if there is anyone reading this blog).

The first utility we’ll be highlighting is Deskcreen. And the concept behind deskreen is super cool. Basically it takes any computer with a web browser and turns it into a second monitor. And the reason I think this is amazing as it makes it easy to add on more monitors.

For example at home I have a thinkpad x240. And when I want to attach a second display to it, i have to grab a mini-dp to hdmi converter to put it on my desk and then connect all of the wires to make it work. If this utility works how I think it does, I could basically grab an Android tablet, put it on a browser, put it in full screen mode, and then be able to put it on my desk or be able to pull it out anywhere and have a second screen without the need for connecting wires all of the time.

That sounds extremely appealing to me. So recently I just got a mobile monitor to connect to, so I’m still messing around with that. But if I need more screen real-estate I have the option of trying a tablet as another display. Nice.

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