Thin and Light

I’ve been using my Android tablet a lot. And it really shows how amazing ARM cpu’s are. My tablet battery lasts all day, the performance is more than adequate for everyday use. Really hoping that there is a Linux equivalent of the Apple M1 Macbook sometime soon. Right now the Pinebook pro comes close, but it’s lacking USB (as far as I know) and I would love to have the same 16:10 2560×1600 screen resolution.

PiBoy Advance

For DashGL, I think I want to focus my attention on a hypothetical device somewhere around a GBA, or PSP in terms of form factor. Directional pad, shoulder buttons, four face buttons, start / select / home. The only issue is how much attention is given to the analog stick. Screen resolution is probably somewhere around 480p. Basically, something like the Odroid-Go Advance.

In terms of software i should probably focus on either SDL2 or Godot. In terms of reverse engineering I think I want to focus mostly on DS and PSP.


– Legend of Zelda (Hour Glass / Spirit Tracks)
– Okami
– Final Fantasy (Echos of Time)
– Phantasy Star Zero
– Animal Crossing


– Phantasy Start Portable 2 Infinity
– Rockman Dash 2
– Power Stone
– Metal Gear Solid
– Tenchu Stealth

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