Tinkering with Hardware

I’m getting really close to when I need to be moving. And the most important part of about moving is (of course), planning out all of my stupid little hardware projects.

So one set back to my fever dreams of making hardware designs is that my tinkering with the Raspberry Pi on the desktop build ruined something and now the Pi won’t boot. So I think I’ll put off the delusions of granduer, for fleshing out these ideas in real life in exchange for drafting them on paper.

The functionality for what I want can be accomplished pretty easily. So I’ll buy the few parts I need, and then focus on software. I’ve made pages for the hardware designs, to keep track of all of the infortmation, parts, and to keep track of similar projects.

One thing that surprised me, is the setup for the PiBoy Advance setup is super simple, only requiring an LCD and an SNES controller, that I don’t think I need to use a Raspberry Pi as a desktop. So I’m still tempted to go for usb everything. But I have the option of continuing to use a notebook. Or I can probably manage to grab some screens and computers from work to set something up.

I think I’m tempted to borrow two monitors from work, and then set up Fedora on my Asus mini-itx. And then set up CentOS on my other mini-itx and then use that as a project hosting computer.

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