DMF 2.0 Specification

Really tempted to start drafting out the specification for DMF version 2.0. One thing I’m tempted to think about is the name. Maybe the “libre model format”? Not sure, maybe I’ll ask around and see what sticks.

Offset 0x00 0x02 0x04 0x06 0x08 0x0a 0x0c 0x0e
0x0000 DASH File Length magor minor header_ofs
– – – – Head Data – – – –
0x0020 META Block Length Count Offset
0x0030 TEX Block Length Count Offset
0x0040 MAT Block Length Count Offset
0x0050 VERT Block Length Count Offset
0x0060 FACE Block Length Count Offset
0x0070 BONE Block Length Count Offset
0x0080 ANIM Block Length Count Offset
– – – – Meta Data – – – –
– – – – Tex Data – – – –
0x0000 texture name line
0x0010 TexId isURL wrapS wrapT minFilter magFilter flipY format
0x0020 centerX centerY length offset
– – – – Mat Data – – – –
0x0000 material name line
0x0010 MatId TexId mat type visible Use Blend Blend EQ Blend Src Blend Dst
0x0020 shadow mat side Use Alpha v-colors alphaTest opacity
0x0030 Diffuse R Diffuse G Diffuse B Diffuse A
0x0040 Emmissive R Emmissive G Emmissive B Emmissive A
0x0050 Specular R Specular G Specular B Specular Coef
– – – – Vert Data – – – –
0x0000 VertexId Position X Position Y Position Z
0x0010 BoneId 1 BoneId 2 BoneId 3 BoneId 4 Weight 1 Weight 2 Weight 3 Weight 4
– – – – Face Data – – – –
0x0000 VertexId A VertexId B VertexId C MatId A Norm X
0x0010 A Norm Y A Norm Z B Norm X B Norm Y B Norm Z C Norm X C Norm Y C Norm Z
0x0020 A Map U A Map V B Map U B Map V
0x0030 C Map U C Map V A Clr R A Clr G A Clr B A Clr A
0x0040 B Clr R B Clr G B Clr B B Clr A C Clr R C Clr G C Clr B C Clr A
– – – – Bone Data – – – –
0x0000 Bone Name
0x0000 BoneId ParentId
0x0000 Local Matrix 00 Local Matrix 01 Local Matrix 02 Local Matrix 03
0x0000 Local Matrix 10 Local Matrix 11 Local Matrix 12 Local Matrix 13
0x0000 Local Matrix 20 Local Matrix 21 Local Matrix 22 Local Matrix 23
0x0000 Local Matrix 30 Local Matrix 31 Local Matrix 32 Local Matrix 33

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