Planning out the next two weeks

So right now I think I might actually gotten a job, or at least an offer. So since we’re in September, I’m going to be planning out the next two weeks to try and invest my time correctly. In terms of preparation I want to get my home office in order. Quick list for that would be:

1. A computer Screen
2. A computer chair
3. 5G internet
4. Computer

For the computer, I went ahead and ordered a think centre tiny, since that should be more than enough to run a terminal, browser and play a few games. I might need to upgrade the RAM and hard drive. The Ram only has 8GB, so I could bump that up to 16GB, or possibly 32GB depending on how expensive ram is. Probably 16GB makes the most sense if I can pop another RAM stick in there. For the hard drive, I’m really tempted to drop in 1 or 2 TB to have enough room. In terms of an operating system, I’m tempted to use Manjaro, but I might give Debian Bullseye a try first to see if that will work for what I need it. In terms of programs, all I need is Blender, Visual Studio Code, Firefox and Steam.

For the chair and screen, i can order those from Amazon. For the 5G, i need to upgrade my contract to be able to do that. So I might try logging into my account to see if I can upgrade that. Another problem point is my Nexus 5x battery died and I have to keep it plugged into power. So I might swap that out for a Google pixel and install Lineage OS on it. Or maybe if I’m only Japan for another year, I can skip on getting a new number entirely and set up a 050 number with my data plan.

In terms of projects and things to work on in the next two weeks. I have two priorities. The first is learning redux, and the second is logging in with json web tokens. I also want to get set up, so i have some context to contrast working with did’s against. And then I also want to try logging with a public key / private key pair. And also I probably shouldn’t forget to go ahead with the paperwork to make sure everything is fine at my new job.

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